How come Malaysian still want to believe to the person who already lose 5 times in the row?

​Rafizi Ramli released another statement today saying that he is happy that MRT Corp has issued a statement to correct him when he lied that RM21 billion cost for MRT1 was for 21km when it was really for 51km.
“Saya menghargai pengesahan oleh MRT Corporation itu kerana ia memudahkan Ahli Parlimen seperti saya menjalankan amanah saya dengan berkesan. Malangnya perkara ini tidak pernah berlaku dan Ahli Parlimen seperti saya terpaksa menyemak pelbagai laporan dari sumber berita semata-mata. ”
No apologies here. He just says it is MRT Corp’s fault for not giving him enough information before.
Strange that the rest of us who also looked at the same sumber berita understood easily that RM21b was for the entire 51km project and it was only him alone who understood it was for 21km.
Next, Rafizi started using his own formula to calculate that the cost of the underground portion of the MRT was
MRT1: RM863 juta per km

MRT2: RM1,165 juta per km
And then he used 35% as inflation to say that the cost of MRT3 would be: RM1,573 juta per km 
Hence the total cost of MRT 3 which he estimate to be 45 km long = RM70.8 bilion
He said this will then mean that the total cost of MRT1 + MRT2 + MRT3 would be RM124 billion. (which is lower than the RM144 bilion he implied yesterday)
There are a few points that Rafizi is clearly at fault:
1.  Rafizi never apologized for his RM21b for 21km fitnah yesterday but thanked MRT for correcting him and blamed MRT for not keeping him the proper facts. 
Even if he is wrong or lied, he will blame someone else.
2. His original statement as carried in the UMNO-owned Keadilan Daily in 2012 clearly alleges that the Sungai Buloh ke Kajang.MRT line had increased RM63b from RM37b to RM100b cost when in actual fact, it is RM21b (not RM100b) 

Source. : The Keadilan Daily

Now he is saying his RM100b is for all 3 MRT – not just for MRT1. This means either Rafizi was lying or Keadilan was lying. So who lied?
3. Within one day, Rafizi no longer dare say it is RM1 billion per km but is now at RM837 million per km (RM124b for 148km) – an incredible difference of RM24 billion total cost within one day.
So, how much would the cost be tomorrow?
4. The cost of the MRT line is not just based on tunneling alone. For example, RM8 billion out of the RM21b of MRT1 was for tunneling. You have got to take the cost of rolling stock, building car parks, land acquisition etc for the total cost.

In the case of MRT3, since the majority of the route is underground, land acquisition cost will be less – especially since there is now an amendment to the Land Acquisition Act this year: to only require MRT to pay compensation for temporarily vacating the premises instead of completely buying them out when tunneling: 

Source. : The Sunday Daily

5. The entire feasibility study for MRT3 is not even ready yet.  There is no cost estimation ever released to public. The line alignment, number of stations and other details are not even finalized yet.
It will only be released in March next year: 

Source. : The Malaysian Reserve

If the cost is too much or deemed not-feasible, the govt may choose to realign or even reduce the scope of the project or throw it back for cost reduction.
Therefore, any speculation based on imaginary cost figure increases to fit his own allegations is not needed nor accurate.
Heck! MRT2 not even start construction yet and now Rafizi speculating on MRT3?
Anyway, Rafizi has warned: “Saya masih ada 3-4 kenyataan media mengenai isu ini yang akan dibuat dalam minggu depan.”
Looks like he is really butt-hurt to be called out to be a liar twice in two days.
So be prepared for more flip-flops and and syiok sendiri statements  from him.

Rafizi Ramli

Source. : Lim Sian See

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