Tun Dr. Fitnah!!!

Mahathir just issued a statement to attack MCAtoday. As usual, he recycles his allegations and laces it with lots of lies. Let’s count these lies.

Tun Dr M’s statement in italics and my replies in blue:

1. The MCA President has expressed his disgust at what he calls the lack of principle on the part of DAP.

2. He seems to think that DAP’s working together with me is all wrong.

LSS: Mahathir seems to have completely misunderstood the “disgust” from MCA. It was not aimed at Mahathir but rather at DAP.

MCA had taken issue with DAP’s lack of principles as DAP had accused Mahathir of all sorts of mismanagement, racism, scandals and abuse for 22 years but suddenly, the DAP Secretary General says Tun M has managed the country well for 22 years and has not resorted to racist dirty tactics.

This disgust is at the unbelievable flip-flop of DAP which means that DAP had been lying to Malaysians for 22 years if those allegations against Tun M is no longer true.


3. But MCA’s working together with a known kleptocrat who has stolen billions of Ringgit is the worst example of a lack of principle. Or is the MCA unaware of what Najib has done to UMNO, BN and the nation. If he is not, I would like to tell him that under Najib Malaysia has been classified as one of the ten most corrupt country in the world.

LSS: This is a lie. Where was it that said Malaysia is one of the ten most corrupt country in the world? Malaysia is listed in the top 3rd (54th out of 167 countries) in terms of least corrupt in Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index.


4. The American Dept. of Justice has reported that Najib, who is Malaysian Official 1 (as confirmed by Cabinet Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan), has stolen billions of Ringgit of the Malaysian people’s money, and 2.6 billion Ringgit of this is in Najib’s personal bank account. Of course the MCA thinks this is okay. That is the MCA’s principle which it must cling to. It must be proud that it is supporting Najib who is involved in the world’s biggest fund case as alleged by the Department of Justice.

LSS: Again Tun Mahathir is lying. the American Dept of Justice did not report that Najib stole money. In fact, like the dozens of unnamed individuals in the suit, MO1 is not a party of the civil suit of the USA’s DOJ kleptoracy – that is exactly why it was MO1 listed and not Najib Razak.

Among those with code-names include:

1MDB OFFICER 1, 1MDB OFFICER 2, 1MDB OFFICER 3, PETROSAUDI CEO, PETROSAUDI CO-FOUNDER, 1MDB’s Chief Financial Officer, Hollywood Actor 1, SINGAPORE BANKER 1, LOW EMI Partner, Goldman Managing Director, Chairman of IPIC

The reason why MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1 is not named is the same as why those other people are not named.

Because they are not the subjects of the suit.

Is that so hard to understand?


5. Now Najib considers the contest is between UMNO and DAP. This means Najib believes in racism because to him Malaysian politics is about Malays versus Chinese. Towards that end he has redrawn constitutional boundaries to separate Malays from Chinese.

LSS: What does Tun Mahathir mean when he says this contest is between UMNO and DAP is equal to racism? Is Tun Mahathir now saying that DAP is a Chinese-only party?

And just because BN, the party with the most number of seats, is saying that the battle is now agaisnt DAP, the party with the second most number of seats, does this mean that Najib said the battle is now Malays versus Chinese? Najib never said that. 

What is wrong with the party with the most number of seats declaring that the party with the second most number of seats is their main rival? Isn’t that logical and expected?


6. Perhaps this accords with MCA as an ethnic Chinese Party. DAP is a multi-racial party which supports all the provisions of the Malaysian Constitution.

LSS: But in just the point above, Tun M claimed that DAP is a Chinese-only party and now he says DAP is multi-racial?

Please be consistent lah.

7. Accordingly the DAP celebration of its 50th anniversary was conducted completely in the national language. 

LSS: This is a lie. Lim Guan Eng himself broke into Mandarin in the middle of his pengullungan speech. The video of the speech proves this. Listen to 7 minutes 16 seconds of Guan Eng’s speech

Does this sound like our national language to you? 


8. The DAP Secretary General categorically stated in his speech that DAP had never asked to have a Chinese Prime Minister in answer to Najib’s claim that if the DAP wins the next election Kit Siang would be P.M. DAP’s choice is Anwar Ibrahim, a non-Chinese.

LSS: Again, Tun Mahahir is lying. Najib had never said that if DAP wins, Kit Siang would be PM. When did Najib say this? It certainly was not said in the recent UMNO General Assembly.


Muhyiddin had also confirmed that DAP has given their consent and agreement to him that a Malay will be PM if Pakatan wins.

9. MCA obviously supports Najib’s racist play by saying that if UMNO loses to DAP, there would be a Chinese as PM., or maybe MCA just wants to bodek Najib, principle be damned.
LSS: MCA also never said this. Mahathir is lying again. Why would MCA even object to having a Chinese as PM? It defies logic! Please lah, Mahathir.


10. MCA should not talk about principle as it is just opportunistic. It is not the MCA of Tun Tan Cheng Lock. It is just an appendage of Najib’s racist UMNO now.

LSS: Fuhh.. Najib’s racist UMNO. Let’s hear what Mahathir says about racism and extremists.

Or here:

And isn’t DAP the party whose main ceramah expert told tens of thousands of voters to use a Malay to screw their own Malays and that this would be the most enjoyable show of a lifetime to watch?

11. I am with DAP and the other opposition parties because I don’t want to be associated with Najib and his kleptocratic government. Until he can prove beyond reasonable doubt he did not steal 1MDB money, I will still say he has stolen money from the people of Malaysia.

LSS: When Tun M withdrew support for Najib in Aug 2014, it was never about 1MDB. In fact, the top reason Tun M listed down why he withdrew support was that Najib had abolished ISA which Tun M does not agree with. In fact, Tun M first attacked UMNO in October 2013 when his son lost in the party elections for vice-president. 

Nevertheless, we congratulate Tun M’s son for now being deputy president for his his new party where Tun M himself is the Chairman.

So Mahathir lied again saying he withdrew support for Najib because of 1MDB.


12. For MCA everything that Najib has done is okay. So stay with him. And that means MCA has no principle. DAP has upheld its principle to have clean election, to have democracy and to fight for a clean Government. MCA is as kleptocratic as Najib.

LSS: DAP Clean Government? Wait, isn’t the DAP Secretary General himself the one who has to spend 34 days in court next year to fight two corruption charges?

Upheld principle? As in point 2 above where 22 years of DAP’s continued allegations against Tun Mahathir has now vanished because DAP now says Mahathir has managed the country and economy well for 22 years?

What about the principles where a civil servant who is formally charged with corruption should step down from public office until they are cleared by the courts? 

But Guan Eng is still Chief Minister and refuses to resign. That is principle?

What about the party, when they were in alliance with PAS, went all over to convince the Chinese to accept Hudud but then later on attacked PAS for wanting to implement Hudud even though DAP had given a secret written agreement signed by the DAP Secretary General himself that PAS has the right to pursue an Islamic state govt?

That is also “principles”? No way.

DAP has no principles as what Mahathir said.


13. Shame on you MCA.
LSS: Shame on you Mahathir, for repeatedly lying and twisting.

NINE CLEAR LIES in just one 13 point statement from Mahathir.

Please don’t let your legacy be known as Tun Dr Fitnah.

Source. : Lim Sian See

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