Are you still not convinced that Mahathir hates the Chinese?

Malays are stupid, which is why they need to give in to the Chinese, says Mahathir.

I have always said we should not just focus on the brushstrokes. We should look at the entire tapestry because the entire tapestry gives us the full picture. The brushstrokes do not reveal anything and you would not even know what you are looking at. And this is the same when you want to get a clear picture of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. You must look at his entire 50 or 60 years political career and not just look at ‘one day in the life of Mahathir’.

Some say the Mahathir of 1966 and the Mahathir of 2016 are two different animals. Since 1966, which is 50 years ago, Mahathir has mellowed, matured, changed and whatnot. If you believe that then you can believe that on the night of the 24th of December Santa is going to crawl down your chimney to deliver your Christmas present.

The Mahathir of then is still the Mahathir of today. His opinions have never changed. His tactics have never changed. His desires have never changed. His prejudices have never changed. His hates have never changed. In fact, because he has less time now than 50 years ago, the Mahathir of today is a more desperate animal than the Mahathir of then.

Read what Mahathir said just before the previous general election, as reported by Malaysiakini on 8th July 2012, which you can read below (the previous general election was held ten months later on 5th May 2013). The salient points to note would be:

Malay stupidity had resulted in a major ethnic group (Malays) bowing down to the demands of minority groups (Chinese, Indians and ‘others’).

Malays have failed to exploit its majority since Independence to consolidate power.

The government now has to accept diplomas from from TARC all because they need Chinese votes and this has occurred because of the stupidity of the Malays.

Because the Malays are now divided into three groups, the government has to bow to the demands of the other races to be able to win votes.

It was agreed during Independence that the Malays would be the majority so that they would continue to be in power. But now the Malays have destroyed their majority by dividing into three groups and have to depend on the other races to remain in power.

If the non-Malays demand so much and want Malay privileges to be abolished, then they should stop using their mother tongue and vernacular schools should be closed down.


Chinese need to be put in their place and Umno must be chided for bowing to the Chinese

That and more was what Mahathir said ten months before the previous general election. And then, soon after the 5th May 2013 general election, Mahathir again whacked Najib and accused him of pandering too much to the Chinese when he should have instead concentrated on the Malays.

Najib wasted his time with the Chinese, said Mahathir, and yet they still did not vote for Barisan Nasional. After giving in so much to the Chinese they still voted for the opposition, lamented Mahathir. Najib should have instead just focused on the Malays, who are the main support base for Umno.

Mahathir used this same strategy 50 years ago when he wanted to oust Tunku Abdul Rahman. He accused the Tunku of giving in to the Chinese and of being a Chinese lover. It worked in 1969 and due to the pressure from Umno the Tunku resigned in 1970. Mahathir’s plan was to again use this anti-Chinese platform to get Umno to oust Najib from office by alleging that he is giving the Chinese too much face.

But then that is vintage Mahathir. For 50 years he has been doing this: play the race card and the anti-Chinese card as a political weapon. In fact, when Mahathir first took over as Prime Minister in 1981, the Chinese were terrified because they viewed Mahathir as a super-racist. Later, of course, he proved that he was a super-capitalist and instead of killing off the Chinese he used them as trustees, nominees and proxies to make tons of money.

Today, the Chinese, in particular the DAP Chinese, view Mahathir as their new opposition leader and the man who is going to save Malaysia. The DAP grassroots, however, have not forgotten and are not fooled by the so-called ‘new’ Mahathir. They still view Mahathir as a pimp and a snake, as you can see in the video below.

Mahathir is a pimp and DAP is his prostitute

Actually, it is not that DAP has forgotten or forgiven Mahathir. They know that the Mahathir of today is no different from the Mahathir of the May 13 era. It is just that DAP sees Mahathir as a good weapon to use to split Umno. Only if Umno is split would there be any chance of defeating Barisan Nasional in the next general election.

Basically DAP is applying the ‘use a thief to catch a thief’ strategy or, as ‘Superman’ Hew Kuan Yau said, use Malays to fight Malays. DAP does not love Mahathir. DAP does not think highly of Mahathir. DAP does not think that Mahathir has changed. In fact, the Mahathir of today is worse than the Mahathir of before because the Mahathir of today is a more desperate animal than the Mahathir of before. But if Mahathir can split the Malays and destroy Umno then why not work with Mahathir to do that?


We both need to save our sons so let’s work together

However, DAP realises that they can only go so far with Mahathir so they will not be inviting him to their party convention. If they do then Mahathir would be given a certain VIP status and DAP has not yet decided whether Pribumi or PPBM is going to be invited to join Pakatan Harapan.

DAP realises that by allowing Pribumi to join Pakatan Harapan it may actually backfire and may cause many people to abandon Pakatan Harapan in disgust. No doubt DAP only wants to use Mahathir to split Umno and destroy Malay political power but there are many supporters who are not prepared to discard their principles and to reduce themselves to political prostitutes just for the sake of winning elections.

If you look at the Pribumi lineup you can see that most of their leaders lack morals and principles. It is like a band of pirates. And is Pakatan Harapan that greedy for power that they would work with prostitutes and pirates just to gain power? This is what the grassroots are lamenting about. Pakatan Harapan is now prepared to play gutter politics in the pursuit of power and they have come to an all time low by anointing Mahathir as their new ‘Reformasi’ leader.


Mahathir blames Malays for TAR College cert recognition

(Malaysiakini, 8 July 2012) – Malay “kebodohan (stupidity)” had resulted in a major ethnic group bowing down to demands of minority groups, which includes the government recognition of certificates by Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC), said former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

In an interview published on Mingguan Malaysia, the Sunday version of Utusan Malaysia today, Mahathir discussed what he terms the present day Malay dilemma and claimed that the community had failed to exploit its majority since Independence to consolidate power.

“If last time we could only get a government job by having a diploma from public university, now we have to accept diploma (certificate) from TARC. This is all because of votes. All these have occurred because the stupidity of the Malay.”

“We have agreed during Independence that the Malay would be the majority, so that they would continue to be in power. But now they doing the exact opposite, destroying their own majority by dividing into more than three groups. Hence (under such condition), they need votes from the other ethnic groups,” he said.

Mahathir’s disdain for the recognition of TARC certificates is likely another backhanded swipe at Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak who announced the move on June 27 with much fanfare. The move was lauded as a major achievement by MCA, who founded TARC back in 1969.

Mahathir’s pouring of cold water on the recognition of KTAR came after Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak paid a visit to the Chinese-based college recently, in which he announced that his administration would retrospectively recognise more than 70 programmes of the institution with immediate effect. Following that, MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek has urged KTAR graduates to sign up for the civil service.

Meanwhile, Mahathir also drew a link between reforms promised by opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim to ancient Malay rulers who forsook their lands and identity for personal gain. “Now (as the Malays are divided), we have to fulfil their demands because of votes, hence everyone races to make promises. In fact (the opposition) wants to forsake this country and in the end it will become like Singapore.”

“This is the old custom of the Malay, whereby when someone offered cash, they sold off Singapore and Penang. So its like history repeating itself. Just because someone desires to be the prime minister, he is willing to let the Malay race be wiped out,” said the long-time premier.

Commenting on the rising demands of the minor ethnic groups, Mahathir said they have enjoyed more than what their counterparts could have in the United States, and hence should respect to the position of Malay and Islam as enshrined in the constitution.

“If we go to US, the national language is English but in here we have to use a few words of the language of the minor ethnic groups in meetings and ceramah. So where is the position of our national language?” he asked.

He also said should the other ethnics demand beyond what is guaranteed in the constitution, the Malay should do the same. “If they want Malay privileges to be abolished, then they should stop using their languages and close down the vernacular schools,” he said.

Source  : Malaysia Today

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