Foreigners Plotting To Influence Malaysia’s 2018 General Elections, DC Leaks Reveal In Exposé Linked To George Soros

Many of our ruling coalition leaders have warned time and again of foreign invervention in our country but the Opposition politicians have often made light of the allegation.

Today, that warning has turned into reality as leaked minutes for a George Soros linked NGO shows it intends to invention in Malaysia’s next election in 2018.

A leaked document outlined minutes of a meeting that discussed strategies for the upcoming general election by the Open Society Foundations (OSF) funded by billionaire George Soros, mynewshub reports.

Highlighted by DC Leaks, the meeting, titled “Malaysia Programme – Portfolio Review Outcome Summary” took place in June 2015 and the report documentedoutlined efforts by OSF in a move it views as ensuring free and fair elections by reaching out to civil society efforts and empowerment of indigenous groups, youth and women and rural areas.

Meeting attendees listed include OSF president Christopher Stone and Merdeka Centre for Opinion Research director Ibrahim Suffian.

“Among the various interventions, it was the best planned, resulting from numerous conversations from the ground and thus reflected locally identified needs,” the document revealed, reports.

It said that through its grants, “large scale local election monitoring occurred for the first time, and the first dedicated media monitoring project was undertaken.”


Most telling is the section in the report that revealed the perceived importance of the 2013 elections, and “George Soros’ personal interest in the elections,” even to the extent of “bringing in outside expertise and conducting advocacy in Washington DC”.

The minutes detailed how the group had to conceal its workings due to “level of vilification of Soros (and the OSF by association) in the official media”.

“As a result, we had to work quietly and minimize our public exposure. Staff only attended public events and not private or close door meetings,” it said.

Local English news daily, The Malay Mail had summarized some of the key findings below:

  • OSF monitors and attempts to chart domestic politics since 2010, shortly after Datuk Seri Najib Razak assumed the office of prime minister.
  • The foundation had engaged in lobbying or “advocacy” in the US to shore up support for its efforts in Malaysia.
  • The most successful initiative was making “grants” or providing funds for friendly groups working for a common cause.
  • Following negative media exposure of Soros, the programme has proceeded in secret, with staff working quietly to minimise public exposure.
  • MalaysiaKini and its online broadcast service KiniTV received special allocations for election reporting, with ongoing support outside the election season.

DC Leaks came under international spotlight after it published hacked emails of US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, highlighting investigations against her by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Source  :  Malaysian Digest

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