“PakaTUN pretending that knowing who MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1 real ID is one big secret and if told would mean Najib will go to jail and BN will fall.. LOL…”

I think Lim Sian See has explained it well enough in simple English why MO1 is not a party to the suit nor even named.  
Also, like LSS said, “PakaTUN pretending that knowing who MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1 real ID is one big secret and if told would mean Najib will go to jail and BN will fall.. lol”

I’d like to also sum up the comedy drama by the Opposition from a different perspective.

The Opposition (including the Flower Children) seem very confused about the DOJ suit and MO1. Out of the 136 pages, they conclude that the case is solved if the identity of MO1 is determined. That’s why you see one moron/zombie after another asking Siapa MO1? Siapa MO1? However, they missed a few steps before asking that question, such as establishing if MO1 is wanted by the authorities, if he is being charged for anything, what evidence of crime there is and pondering over evidence showing otherwise.

Nonetheless, when you answer them, “I think it is Najib” they suddenly get stuck. They get even more stumped and frustrated when you ask them back, “Is MO1 being charged with a crime?”. For whatever reason they thought no anti-Opposition supporter would dare mention Najib’s name whereas anyone with above room temperature IQ would know that mentioning the name is as consequential as affecting the price of bananas in Africa.

Ada yang honest enough akan jawab balik “No” and then it’s end of the conversation. A lot of time saved.

Ada pula yang refuse to answer the simple yes/no question and instead cuba putar belit by showing extracts of the DOJ suit with red lines here and there. Hard core zombies will just tell you, “Go read the DOJ suit” or “Have you read the DOJ suit?”. (Last year they said “Bacalah Sarawak Report, The Edge dan laporan WSJ”).

Also, after trying to impress or scare us with screenshots of those red-underlined sentences, money flow charts and what-nots as being “proof” of crimes committed, they then can’t give a straightforward explanation why MO1 has not been charged. All that “proof” and yet MO1 is not charged? Zombies will then either remain silent or divert to telling you how bodoh or bangang you are to not see the “proof”. That’s when it becomes entertaining seeing them foam at the mouth.

The Tangkap MO1 propaganda and street demonstration was supposed to give the impression that there was indisputable evidence of crimes committed by MO1 and that all that was left to do was for the authorities to identify and tangkap MO1. Saying that they are jumping the gun is too far off. This is zombies having a wet dream and mas******ing after reading a romance novel thinking it was a porn book. The result is real — sprained hand and aching groin — but that is not proof that the romance novel was a porn book or that the hot babe in the story was a porn star.
Tak payah lah nak tanya siapa MO1. Tengok cermin dan tanya macam mana orang dalam cermin tu boleh jadi bodoh tahap gaban.

Source 1  : Lim Sian See

Source 2  : Azmi Arshad


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