Before And After ‘UBAH’ In Penang.

“Save Gurney Drive, Save Our Environment!” So reads a banner held by five DAP men, including three elected representatives, that was taken at the famous Gurney Drive promenade to oppose the reclamation for the Seri Tanjung Pinang Phase Two (STP2) project back in 2007. The three were Tanjong member of parliament Ng Wei Aik, Pengkalan Kota assemblyman Lau Keng Ee and Tanjung Bungah assemblyman Teh Yee Cheu. 
The identities of the other two could not be ascertained. The photograph has been making its rounds recently after the DAP-led state government unveiled plans for a new seafront public park, known as Gurney Wharf, on reclaimed land. 

Today, Gurney drive has been fenced off and the reclamation project started. Meanwhile, Ng Wei Aik and Lau Keng Ee no longer protest about the reclamation project as their DAP Penang Govt was the one who approved it.

The STP reclamation project was originally given in 1992. There are two phases to STP:

Phase I, consisting of 240 acres, was completed in 2006.

In April 2011, the Pakatan Rakyat-run state government gave an “in-principle approval” to reclaim 760 acres of land for STP phase 2.

In 2015, Lim Guan Eng said that he had no choice but to allow the project to proceed as the project was signed off by the previous BN govt and they would have to pay RM1 billion in compensation. The NGOs did not believe LGE and asked to see the agreement.

In Dec 2015, LGE said he has no problems to show the agreement and will reveal it next week.

9 months later, we are still waiting.

Meanwhile in Jan 2016, the company doing the reclamation which is 21.2% owned by the Penang Govt’s PDC signs a supplementary agreement with the DAP Penang Govt to extend the reclamation period by another three years.

The previous agreement would have expired in 2019 but is now extended to 2022.

110 acres of the land reclaimed will be given back to the Penang State Govt and then used to pay for the dodgy RM305 million studies (which until now cannot be submitted or shown to public) and RM6.34 billion construction cost of the Penang Tunnel and 3 associated roads project.

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Free Malaysia Today

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Source  : Lim Sian See


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