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It remains a mystery on why the DOJ-1MDB case did not come up for hearing after a 'gung-ho' press conference on July 20, 2016.
It remains a mystery on why the DOJ-1MDB case did not come up for hearing after a ‘gung-ho’ press conference on July 20, 2016.

August 22 has come and gone but the hyped D-Day for those named in the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) suit appears to have passed with no hearing and action taken by the parties involved.

There was no hearing on Monday and nothing has been scheduled by the American court until now.

A DOJ spokesperson had responded that they would inform the exact date of the deadline later in an email to a local online news portal query on why there was no hearing on 22 August as previously announced.

When the DOJ suit first made headlines last month, former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad was among the loudest voices of dissent, calling for a people’s rally, a referendum and an independent tribunal to probe the debacle and push for the resignation of Prime Minister Najib Razak.

“I think it’s time for the nation to demand the removal of the prime minister and investigations by an independent tribunal to be set up with the consent of the King,” he told a press conference at Perdana Leadership Foundation on July 21.

Together with Opposition politicians and a certain UK-based online news portal now banned in Malaysia, Mahathir wanted to get the message across that he was pushing for Najib to resign because he was concerned for the future of the country and the people.

Is that all there is to his relentless campaign, going to great lengths to drag Malaysia’s name through the dirt in the international arena, for the sake of the people?

A recent posting by, suggested that one of the reasons could be paternal concern, because Mahathir had been trying hard to ensure his political legacy survived through his son, former Kedah Menteri Besar Mukhriz Mahathir.

Although possibilities are there but, said the blog the marketing issue was that the product itself was problematic.

“Mukhriz is a weak leader and failed miserably as MB of Kedah,” said the blog.

However, the blog said that besides the nagging concern over his son’s failing political career, Mahathir had bigger grudges to settle, and none of them have to do with being concerned for Malaysians’ welfare but more to do with his group of cronies and their control over the nation’s wealth and resources.

The blog suggested that the takeover of independent power producers (IPPs) by 1MDB is one possible reason.

“It is one of the possible legacy of Mahathir which Najib intend to dismantle,” the blog highlighted, pointing out how it all started with 1MDB wrestling power from Mahathir-era cronies control of the nation’s power assets.

Is Ananda Krishnan a reason for Mahathir to be so vindictive of Najib?
Is Ananda Krishnan a reason for Mahathir to be so vindictive of Najib?

The blog referred to Ananda Krishnan-owned Powertek that was taken over by 1MDB and subsequently was sold to China in a debt restructuring exercise.

“There existed a mysterious shareholder too,” noted the blog, describing on how it was ultimately controlled by an offshore company said to be controlled by Ananda Krishnan.

Usaha Tegas in itself was created in June 1984 and then two years later, it was given a Telco license and a 4D license, a pay TV license a lottery license and also the Turf Club betting license.

The blogger highlighted how this Mahathir crony got to acquire government land cheaply through a private company than sold it back to the government for a handsome profit in a few years.

“Mahathir supporters are angry that the government land in TRX was sold cheaply to 100% government owned company at higher prices but they remain strangely quiet that government land was sold cheaply to private company and then sold back to government at expensive prices,” posted the blog.

It pointed out how 1MDB’s land dealings with Tabung Haji involving the TRX land was widely criticised but no one thought to dig deeper.

The blog elaborated further on the point raised by Najib in a recent interview with an Indonesian TV station that Mahathir wanted to get rid of him because he refused to the former premier.

“I have my own considerations which I think are right for Malaysia.”

The blog highlighted how Najib’s efforts to find other sources to fund the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional’s election campaign and major infrastructure projects without relying on Mahathir and his cronies was a major reason behind the former prime minister’s anger and determination to remove Najib using whatever means possible.

“It was also heard that Najib was reluctant to accept some of the corporate figures donations because it comes with demands they are used to ask for decades,” said the blog, referring to the Mahathir cronies operating in the background.

“Najib’s mistake could be for not being technically competent to understand. He over relied and trusted limited few, and if and still if that is the case, it is not necessary a crime.”

On the ‘crooked bridge’ to Singapore, the blog claimed that a certain Mahathir crony stood to rake in billions if the project had been given the go-ahead by Najib as instructed.

Returning to Ananda and the mysterious shareholder, the blog alleged that the person was the lead to answer the puzzle as to why Mahathir had been more vindictive of Najib than former Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

“The answer would only be known after Najib is gone.

“Certainly that someone has the financial resources to fund Bersatu,” the blog implied, referring to new Parti Pribumi Bersatu fronted by Muhyiddin Yassin.

Many Malaysians think that Mahathir had been championing their anti-graft struggle.
Many Malaysians think that Mahathir had been championing their anti-graft struggle.

The blog concluded that on the surface, most Malaysians would see Mahathirchampioning their cause by calling for justice to be served on corrupt leaders.

“But the actual motive of Mahathir vendetta against Najib remains hidden.

“The reasons behind most political quarrels may not necessarily be about the issues raised. They made you look right but they are moving to the left.”



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